The Writer's Survival Guide


This inspirational guide for aspiring and experienced writers was published by Story Press in 1997. Written in a friendly, hopeful, and gently humorous tone, it focuses on the creative process and the emotional ups and downs of the creative life, providing insights into how to persist in the face of rejection, frustration, feelings of inadequacy, lack of support from loved ones, and more. It also offers practical advice, from how to organize your time so you actually sit down and write to how to read as a writer.

Soon after publishing this book, Rachel wrote a companion volume, The Writer's Writing Guide, which covers the basics of craft, from character to dialogue to scene to showing versus telling. She never published the latter book, and instead made it, as well as The Writer's Survival Guide, available online for free.

You can find both The Writer's Survival Guide and The Writer's Writing Guide on this site. Go to the For Writers section of this website.

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