The Magic TouchSynopsis

The Magic Touch, originally published in 1994, was Rachel Simon's second book and debut novel.

A wild, magical realist ride, The Magic Touch is funny, sexy, satirical, linguistically exuberant, and utterly unique. Written as a fictional biography, it tells the life story of a woman with magical sexual powers that she uses to heal people: during the act of making love, her partners re-experience their most painful memories, and as she lives their memories with them, she removes their suffering and takes it into herself, leaving them cleaned, strong, and youthful.

The story follows our heroine from her miraculous birth through her childhood in a magical orphanage to an adulthood where she uncovers sinister conspiracies among political and well-hidden foes. Woven through her story is that of her grandmother, whose mysterious background propels the story forward in ways that begin as Faustian and end up as spiritual. The story culminates in an spectacular — and hilarious — showdown between the forces of good and evil.

The e-book rerelease of The Magic Touch in 2015 includes a new introduction that should be a must-read for fans of this book and aspiring writers everywhere. It reveals the background of how Rachel Simon stumbled upon the idea at the heart of the story, the long journey she took to producing the book, and the kind words given by a respected professor that inspired her, at her lowest moment, to pick herself up and keep going.

The Magic Touch was Rachel Simon's second book and first novel. It was a 1994 selection of the Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers program, which highlights books of exceptional literary quality from authors at the start of their careers.

The original edition of The Magic Touch is out of print. It can be purchased through booksellers specializing in used books. The 2015 re-release is available as both an e-book and paperback. To order, click on the purchase link on the left.

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