The Magic Touch

"The Magic Touch is Rachel Simon's first novel; however, she is not a shy or tentative writer..." Click Here to read full article

Valerie Sayers, The New York Times

"Best novel in ages. Loved it."

Fay Weldon, bestselling author of
The Life and Loves of a She-Devil, Letters To Alice, and more

"Equal parts fairy tale, satire, parable and comic book... The various narratives are reminiscent of the work of Kurt Vonnegut and Richard Brautigan...The storytelling reflects a giddy pleasure in the sounds of words and a taste for fantasy with heavy overlays of popular culture. It's as if the language itself has taken off its clothes and is dancing naked in the moonlight."

New York Times Book Review

"Faust meets Rumpelstilskin in Rachel Simon's delicious and exhilarating first novel, The Magic Touch. An erotic, boisterous fairy tale for adults...replete with clever names and inventive language, even poetry and rap lyrics. It contains wonderfully creative characters, plot twists and imaginative stylistic ideas. Miss Simon writes with a magic touch."

The Washington Times

"Divinely comic...Rachel Simon skillfully pieces together a symbolic puzzle of American spiritual malaise."

The San Francisco Review of Books

"Unpredictability, inventiveness, and a slam-bang finish....Readers are in for a wild ride."

Publishers Weekly

"Readers who like their fiction audacious and energetic will swoon for Rachel Simon’s debut novel, The Magic Touch."

New Age Journal

"A romp of wild images and linguistic fun...Takes the reader on a delightful roller coaster ride."

Intelligencer Record

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