Riding The Bus With My Sister - DVD CoverRiding the Bus With My Sister - The Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie

In 2005, Riding the Bus With My Sister was adapted into a Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie for CBS in which Rosie O'Donnell appears as Beth, a woman with a intellectual disability, who is dependent on her father. When her father dies, her sister, played by Andie MacDowell comes to stay with her. At first, they fight about how Beth lives her life, but after six months Rachel comes to accept her sister.

The movie was directed by Anjelica Huston and filmed in Ontario, Canada. Other parts in the movie were played by Richard T. Jones as Jesse; D.W. Moffett as Rick; and Peter Cockett as Sam. When it first aired on May 1, 2005, it was watched by 15 million people. It is frequently rebroadcast on the Hallmark channel.

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PBS News Hour Woodlyn Lawn
An interview with Rosie O'Donnell on
Entertainment Tonight (1:57)
Interviews with Rosie O'Donnell & Andie MacDowell about their roles in Riding the Bus With My Sister (2:43)
Elwyn Interview Introducing Beautiful Girl
Clip 1 - Intro to Beth on the bus Clip 2 - Rachel & Beth realize they only have each other
Beautiful Girl Book Trailer Manda Group Interview
Clip 3 - Beth & Rachel meet with the councillors

Clip 4 - Beth & Rachel on the bus, then the bus driver intervenes regarding the rude passengers

Beautiful Girl Book Trailer  
Clip 5 - Beth & Rachel realize they are both ready to move forward


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