Little Nightmares, Little Dreams

"A dazzling compendium...Each story in this collection is more creative than the last...These are stories that linger long after the covers of the book have been closed. An incredible debut."

The Pittsburgh Press

"A brilliant tapestry of short stories-16 in all-that memorably displays the slender threads that tenuously connect people. Virtually no manner of relationship escapes this prizewinning author's astute eye and tender wit: the bonds between mother and daughter, husband and wife, friends, and extended family...Simon is an expert at weaving popular culture into short, personal narratives studded with analogy and laced with meaning."


"She's a literary ventriloquist...Without an agent, tiny Rachel Simon of Abington snared a big New York publisher for the debut collection of her stunning, darkly celebratory short stories, called Little Nightmares, Little Dreams. They're unforgettable, she's brilliant, you'll be impressed."

The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Simon writes with an original voice, creating her characters with affection and compassion....She has made an impressive debut with these gentle and luminous tales."

The Boston Herald

"Very original premises...Perfect pitch...A very talented and very promising writer."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Raffish and spooky stories...from a precocious author...This is Rachel Simon's debut book. She delivers on her promise like a veteran."

San Francisco Examiner

"This distinctive, often arresting debut collection of stories marks its author as a writer to watch. In 16 tales, Simon displays an original and provocative style. With a dark humor that often plunges her characters into surreal circumstances, she evokes a Blue Velvet type of skewed Americana...All the stories are as much about the startling interior life of the mind as they are about the superficiality of order and reason. Thoughtful and inspired, Simon's is an impressive, coherent, and contemporary (in the best sense) new voice."

Publisher's Weekly

"Rachel Simon's stories are quick-witted, sexy, and full of heart. They grab your attention and keep it. This is a remarkable book."

Charles Baxter, bestselling author of
A Feast of Love, Saul and Patsy, and more

"Sweet and strong, weird and funny, Little Nightmares, Little Dreams is a very good book."

Mary Gaitskill, bestselling author of
Bad Behavior, Two Girls, fat and thin, and more

"How I admire these voices that Rachel Simon summons - timeless voices, however new, telling stories that are wise and beautiful and jarring."

Bob Shacochis, author of Easy In The Islands,
Swimming In The Volcano, and more

"Little Nightmares, Little Dreams spins across time and place, from the capricious whimsy of childhood to the meditations of the elderly – and displays Rachel Simon's memorable gifts for generous narrative and openhearted characters and gentle comedy."

Richard Currey, bestselling author of
Fatal Light, The Wars of Heaven, and more

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