Building A House With My HusbandSynopsis

The House On Teacher's Lane is the paperback edition of the 2009 book Building A Home With My Husband.

The House On Teacher's Lane is one of those rare books where readers dog-ear pages and send quotes to friends. Within its pages, you'll discover your own unspoken thoughts, recognize your own hopes and dreams, and be inspired to ponder your own most difficult relationships. You'll laugh and be moved throughout the book, and will come to feel that Rachel Simon is your kindred spirit.

The story opens when Rachel and her architect husband Hal begin to renovate their house on Teacher's Lane, and she braces herself for the ups and downs that often accompany such projects. But to her surprise, as the old walls fall, and new paint appears, she is propelled into a transformative journey that encompasses the deepest issues of life and love. With compassion and humor, The House On Teacher's Lane shimmers with memorable insights into the power of forgiveness, the struggle to find meaning and purpose, the compatibility of imperfection and happiness, and the ways broken bonds can be mended. Home renovation becomes a beautiful allegory for re-evaluating and repairing the most intimate of relationships.

Rachel Simon's warm and hopeful narrative will resonate with anyone who's ever cherished a friend, grown apart from a sibling, felt disappointed by a parent, searched for true love, questioned their life choices, or wondered where to go from here. The House On Teacher's Lane is for everyone who's ever experienced love in its many forms-and wrestled with its hardest questions.

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